"Barns in the Garden", gouache, 23"x32", $3,000







"Putting Up Hay", gouache, 16"x20", $1,900







"Free Floating", gouache, 8"x10", $700







"Black and White", gouache, 8"x10", $700







"The Farm", gouache, 20"x30", $2,800







"Evening Blues", gouache, 8"x10", $700







"Poppy Garden", gouache, 8"x10", $700 SOLD







"Champlain Sky", gouache, 8"x10", $700







"Double Copse", gouache, 6"x9", $600







"Creek Bottom Land", gouache, 11"x15", $800







"Rolling Home", gouache, 6"x9", $600 SOLD







"South Side Herd", gouache, 11"x15", $800 SOLD







"Cloud Over Blue Barn", oil on canvas, 14"x16", $1,500







"Cold Hill", gouache, 10"x12", $700 SOLD







"Storm Barn", gouache, 11"x15", $800 SOLD







"Lincoln Road", gouache, 6"x9",$600







"Doolittle Day", gouache, 11"x15", $800 SOLD







"Grounded", oil on canvas, 18"x20", $2,000







"Long Meadow", gouache, 6"x9", $600 SOLD







"Horn of the Mountains", gouache, 20"x30", $3,000







"Haying Days", gouache, 6"x9", $600 SOLD







"On The Road", gouache, 6"x9", $600







"On The Hill", gouache, 6"x9", $600







"Hay Road", gouache, 11"x15", $800







"Bend in the River", gouache, 6"x9", $600







"The Village Barn", gouache, 6"x9", $600