"Trail of the Survivor", oil on canvas, 33"x72", $7,800







"Abandoned Paper Mill", encaustic & oil on panel, 16"x13", $2,400







"1958 Apache II", oil on muslin panel, 9"x12", $1,800







"Stables", oil on panel, 12"x24", $2,400







"White Washer, Small Town Sidewalk", oil on canvas, 30"x30", $3,000







"Adirondack Camp", oil on panel, 16"x32", $2,800







"Pine and Highway Sign", oil on muslin panel, 32"x16", $2,800







"Marfa I", oil on muslin panel, 8"x10", $1,300







"St. David's Station", oil on panel, 16"x32", $2,800







"Closed For The Season", oil on canvas, 48"x48", $5,000







"St. Regis Lake II", oil on panel, 16"x32", $2,800







"Robertson Paper, Summer 2017", oil on panel, 11"x14", $2,250







"Coolidge Camp", oil on panel, 16"x32", $2,800







"Solid Cold", oil on linen, 20"x20", $2,800







"Safe Enough For Now", oil on muslin on panel, 12"x24", $2,400







"Storm Over Eastpoint", oil on canvas, 12"x24", $2,400







"Rhody (Rhode Island Red)", oil on panel, 16"x12", $1,800







"Hereford", oil on muslin on panel, 9"x12", $1,800







"Top of the Canyon", oil on muslin panel, 24"x12", $2,400